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My name is Deborah Cox and I’m a family psychologist who specializes in trauma recovery and couples therapy. I work with a group of highly qualified professionals, each of whom bring their unique expertise to Integrative Family Psychology of Springfield. As a group, we believe that relationships (family, love, friendship) are the most central parts of our wellness and our distress. Devastating losses of relationship, especially early in life, make us more vulnerable to feeling isolated and scared to connect with others even in adulthood.

The process of healing relationships often takes time because it is complicated . . . as you are complicated. We will make every effort to ensure that the time we spend working with you is productive and that your emotional and relationship life remains in focus.


  • EMDR Therapy for Trauma Recovery, Relapse Prevention, & Performance Enhancement
  • Hypnotherapy for Behavior Change
  • Psychological Evaluation: Adult, Bariatric, Child/Adolescent
  • Life-Writing Groups

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